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Welcome to MLtek

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We are a UK based business that produce a range of software solutions aimed at tackling various IT infrastructure challenges. All of our staff have had extensive experience working in IT infrastructure positions and are intimately familiar with the unique challenges this field presents.

Every single one of our products was created following a "If only I could find a piece of software that did X" moment. All of our solutions are designed to provide a simple, effective and unique anwser to a very challenging problem.

Latest news

Save time and money with ArchiverFS

Have you ever sat there and wondered why there isn't a simple yet effective way to tackle the years and years worth of old files that have built up on your file server? Why do all the solutions that are available revolve around trying to leverage a database to deal with what is fundamently a file system issue? Well, ArchiverFS is different...

ArchiverFS works at the file system level and it gives you a structured way to migrate all of you old and unused files to second tier storage, without trying to store files, pointers to files or even file metadata in a database.

You get all the features you would expect like:

  • Seamless stubs that can be left in place of old files once they have been migrated.
  • Reporting.
  • A wealth of choices to control how files are migrated like file age, size, type, etc.
  • Ability to compress files once they have been processed.

But you also get massive scalability, agent free operation and compatability with many technologies like de-duplication and DFS.

Interested? Full details for ArchiverFS can be found here

Subscription licences now available for ArchiverFS

Over the last few years we have had multiple requests to introduce a subscription based licensing model for ArchiverFS.

Up until now all licences were perpetual and worked on a 'buy once use forever' basis with annual support renewalsArchiver.FS. Despite the licensing cost being a fraction of our nearest competitors and the fact that Archiver.FS already represented amazing value for money, this model had the effect of front loading a lot of the costs. Being able to offer a subscription based licence alongside the perpetual licences enable us to provide a way to spread the initial costs more evenly over years 2+.

So if your struggling to find a simple and cost effective way to get to grips with you sprawling file system, why not have a look at Archiver.FS? Whether your file system is <1TB in size or multiple PetaBytes, we can help you bring some order to the chaos and...

  • Save money on your backups by reducing how much data you back up.
  • Cut your restore times in the event of a disaster.
  • Help you ensure compliance with the relevant legislation in your region regarding the retention of information e.g. the Data Protection Act in the UK.
  • Enable you to free up significantly more space on your expensive first line storage.

You can download the trial version of Archiver.FS for free and give it a test drive. The trial download is fully featured and it will enable you to fully explore all it has to offer on your systems in your own time.