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Licensing Options

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There are several pricing options available including subscription, perpetual and even free licences. They all provide incredible value for money and they give you the flexibility to choose the right option for you.

Free licence

The free licence comes preinstalled and it supports up to 5 scheduled jobs with unlimited processing. The only restriction is a limit of 100 files processed each time a job runs. You are welcome to use the free version as and when you require.

While we would like to hear about any issues you encounter while using the free version it does not officially come with assisted support.

The free version is always available to everyone, we even have some customers that purchased a full licence in year 1 to do the bulk of thier processing and then reverted to a free licence in years 2+.

Subscription licences, perfect for smaller deployments.

Subscription licences that provide 2TB of processing a year and support an unlimited number of scheduled jobs start at just $1200 a year. Subscription pricing is based on the ammount of data you want to move from your live file system to your second line storage each year in TB's. Unlike other products pricing is not based on the ammount of data just sat in second tier storage. At the end of the day it's your storage, why should you pay somene else year after year to use it?

ItemCost Per Year
Base Subscription Licence (inc 2TB of processing)$1,200
Each additional TB of processing$300


Perpetual licences, from GigaByte to PetaByte level scalability.

Perpetual licences work on a 'buy once, use forever' basis. You make one payment up front and you can use the software for as long as you want. Perpetual licences are not limited by the amount of data they can process, instead each type supports a maximum number of scheduled jobs.

They come with a year's worth of support and updates in the price, and this can be renewed annually @20% of the list price at the time of renewal.

ItemMax JobsOne Off Cost
Perpetual Express Licence1$1,596
Perpetual Standard Licence5$3,892
Perpetual Datacenter LicenceUnlimited$10,445



Please fill in the form below and we will email you back with the invoice and remittence advice. If you wish to order multiple licences please email as discounts are available on multiple licence orders.

*If you are a reseller, distributor or value added supplier please email us via with your requirements and we will be happy to help. We work closely with a number of partners and we are always looking to form new relationships.

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